Thursday, June 2, 2011

Everything's Turning Up Tera Rose

I seemed to get more Tera Rose paint on me today than on the canvas...from my lips to my arms! Why doesn't anyone say, "Hey, you have paint on your face!" Do they really think I'm that bad at applying lipstick?

I visited Sliding Rock State Park today...a mass of Tera Rose colored rocks. Well, I made the mistake of trying to paint a rock formation up close and personal. The details where an overwhelming jigsaw puzzle. I went back and simplified the foreground, leaving the detail at the top. Still, it wasn't all least I got further with the color exploration today...obviously!

So, with just over an hour left to belt out a study after scouting out the place all day, my feet were killing me and the park was closing soon. The wind was stinging my eyes and lips and the temperature was dropping. With red paint all over me, I figured it was time to pack it in.

I enjoyed taking photos on the trail where it was too hard to carry all my art supplies...and I got some good future painting reference material.

Slide Rock State Park in Arizona

Big fun

The crowds

Mom maneuvers

Gorgeous water and lichen on the rocks

"The Slide"

Tera Rose Glow

Mohawks and red rock faces

The three sisters

Ice cold!

The deep

Shall I?

Cool dude


Far down

Hiking back through fields

The big view

Finally found the view I'd been looking for when I first drove by...

Andrew Wyeth was here...

Wonder what Moses would have done...

A golden moment...this was part of what I was attempting to paint today.

Returning to town

Watching the sunset with a couple of wild pigs

Favorite rocks

Far out

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Michelle Wells Grant said...

Breathtaking! Now I'm going to have to go there someday ... I've never been. (Are you going to bring the Cool Dude home????)