Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Faces of Jerome

Last Saturday I spent the better part of a blistering afternoon in the ghost town of Jerome, AZ...just about 45 minutes outside of Sedona. I enjoyed taking photos of the quaint collection of junk, old cars and livestock...but the characters I found in some of the faces and friends I met, are my favorite.

Ol' Timer
Surely the most photographed man about town.
This photo made the whole trip worth it...Can't wait to try painting him!

Workin' It

King o' the Heap

Gold-Digging Dale

Run-Away Goat Meets Goat-Hand

Panhandling: "Obama Says to Spread the Wealth"

La Tourista

Ol' Time Biker Boy

An "Orange on Orange" moment...

I've gone "Gypsy Rose" on ya here, folks! ;-)

I'm back home...but you'll see the rest of Jerome soon! Stay tuned...


Vicki Brevell said...

Love the photos and all your paintings. Did you go by yourself?? Did you take Honey Bunny this time?? We are dying here in 100+ weather. Ugh

Have fun!!

Michelle Wells Grant said...

Gorgeous scenery! And I love your Gypsy Rose look! Someone needs to paint YOU!