Thursday, February 25, 2010

International Sketch Crawl

I plan on participating in the World Wide Sketch Crawl ( this Saturday, February 27, south Austin.

If you want to join us, I have a small group meeting at Jo's Coffee at 1300 S. Congress at 8 a.m.
I'll be bringing my pens, pencils, paper, water color and some pastels...maybe a camera.

Then I'm crawling my way over to San Antonio...let me know if you want to join me there, too!

Happy drawing!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Listening for Each Other's Greatness

A really different style for me, this painting was commissioned by a client for her Valentine. Inspired by Chagall, I've only painted one other image similar to this one...many years ago, of a dream. It was really fun to see how I was able to "read" or intuit what the client wanted to be represented in their relationship. It was a pleasure and an honor to work on something so important to them. It really set something in me free...and I'm looking forward to exploring more of this dreamlike painting perspective.

16x20" acrylic on board