Friday, June 14, 2013

June Wallpaper

Big Sur Coastline, digital photo by S'zanne Reynolds
Happy June!

Feel free to download this image for a desktop background. Just right or control click to save to your desktop or set as your screensaver.

This image is from my trip down the northern California coastline of the
"Big Sur".

Sunday, June 2, 2013 Cape Coral, FL

Painted Desert, 12x12" pastel

I'm pleased to announce that these two pastels are going to a private collector in Cape Coral, Florida.

Painted Desert, shown above, was taken from a road trip on the way to the Grand Canyon a few years ago, in a terrain that is actually referred to as the "painted desert". You can see why...the dappled turquoise sky shines like a jewel and the ground is blanketed in stripes of pink, purple, yellow, coral and lime green. Jumping out of the car frequently, I took tons of photos and painted this one at a later date. It's one of my favorite memories as nature was really showing off that day!

If you want to see some of the photos I took from that road trip, refer to my blog, here.

Ring 'Round the Rosey, 12x12" pastel
Ring 'Round the Rosey was awarded Second Place in Landscape at the Austin Pastel Society 2011 Member Show. It was quite an honor for me since so many terrific artists entered paintings in that category. The reference for this piece was originally shot on my iPhone during rush-hour traffic off of North Mopac Expressway where I have spent the last 20 years here in Austin...quite literally just off the highway! Of course I manipulated the colors in Photoshop, since we don't regularly have quite this amount of pink in the skies...unless it's out by Lake Travis where I have seen some skies like this.

As a side note, I also used this reference in a "paint around" with 4 other artists. I started and finished the piece while the other 4 took turns painting on this one, and each others. The finished piece was auctioned off for a worthy cause. To see how the other painting turned out, see my blog, here.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

SOLD to a New Home!

Evening Shades, 16x12" oil - SOLD

These two paintings are now in a private collection in Austin, Texas. It's always a thrill when a painting finds a new home! I feel so blessed to be able to share these moments of vision with another.

The above image, Evening Shades, is from the top of Jockey's Ridge, the largest natural sand dune on the east coast, in Nags Head, NC –a favorite childhood vacation spot that I revisited a few years ago. There is a 360 degree view of water from up there –the sound on one side, the ocean on the other. It's an amazingly spiritual place to watch the sun set.

Dusk Impressions II, 6x8' oil - SOLD

 This smaller artwork, Dusk Impression II,  was inspired from imagination and photo reference. Painted at another time and place, it just happened to be similar in style and color with the first piece, Evening Shades. They are hanging close by in a hallway, leading your eye from two rooms into a peaceful resting area of their new home.