Saturday, June 4, 2011

Painting Local Color in June

6x12" quick study of "Thunder Mountain" and "Chimney Rock"

Went to about four galleries this evening...was great to see how the locals handled the red close and how far off I am. I'm beginning to become more comfortable with using various greys, especially in the shadows. The rocks are rather like painting in skin tones. Of course, then there were those artists who totally depart from realistic colors. I'm not wanting to do that until I master the local color.

It's interesting that I thought the local color here was so different in Sedona. Look at the last couple of years of paintings done around the same time frame of June 3rd and you'll see similar color schemes. Maybe it's a June thing.

June 2009, Austin, Texas

June 2008, Corolla, North Carolina

June 2006, Fredericksburg, Texas

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