Thursday, June 2, 2011

Mid-Week Painting Blues

I'm tired and feel like reading today rather than painting, so I stay close to home. I should have just stayed in's mid week and, as tradition would have it, I'm painting quite badly! I spent a few hours on a larger 12x18" this afternoon only to scrap it in favor of trying it again in a 6x8". I limited my colors and got the overall effect I had been going for...though rather odd. Part of the challenge, besides the wind gusts and biting gnats that want to fly into your eyes and mouth, is the gaudy color-scape. Just when you think you've got it, you realize you need to grey back the values to make it work!

Here's what I've been looking at for most of the day...view from the B&B parking lot. The shadows dramatically changed every 30 wasn't even the same image by the time I'd finished! Here's some images of what was behind me as I painted:

The front door of the B&B office

B&B courtyard

B&B front gate

I made one excursion at lunch up the road to the nearby Sedona airport...quite the view! I think I may just read tomorrow... or head out to Cathedral Rock. We'll see.


Sharon said...

What a darling place! It's good to just relax and enjoy your surroundings, too. don't have to be 'working' all the time! Plus it helps to clear the head and perspectives so that you go back to the palette refreshed. The soul needs feeding too, yes? I think MY soul could "soar and sing" there, too!

Anonymous said...

Just a quick hi to tell you I'm enjoying the heck out of what you're doing in Sedona and thrilled that you are there - great food for the creativity I'm sure. Enjoy, enjoy! Keep it flowing . . . . .