Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Painting in Reds

Tuesday, May 31 starts out with a lovely breakfast at the B&B...followed by some special prayers said on my behalf by the owners of this delightful hotel. Refreshed and excited to be focused on painting, I make a run to the local art store and pick up a park pass at the Safeway.

Before I make it out to paint, I stop and visit with the Sedona Arts Center. They are quite an impressive gallery of local artists with workshops, paint outs and studios. I picked up an application to join their juried membership. Their parking lot is so gorgeous that I decide to stay and paint the views in a nice shady spot.

Here's a quick 2.5 hour study where I'm trying to get familiar with the hues and atmosphere. The darn red paints are so dark and stain everything that it's hard to control them...I use a mountain of white and decide I need my cad orange after all. Of course the light and sky is constantly changing...but that's always the fun of painting en plein air!

Locals refer to this mass on the left as "Snoopy's rock". This is the backside, so you don't see his profile as's supposed to resemble him lying down on his dog house. (oil, about 8x16")

Afterwards, I head over to a nearby Indian restaurant and enjoy an amazing sunset...not to mention the lamb curry! YUM. If my feet didn't hurt so much, I'd run out to the car to get my camera...I think I'm finally relaxing into this place. Back at the B&B I take a dip in the hot tub and chat with guests around the poolside fireplace before retiring.

It's been a great day!


Anonymous said...

The colors around you are singing ... no wonder you love Sedona! Great B&B ... that boudoir ... oh my!!!
I began to think about it while walking this morning ... every time I travel I look at the world around me with new eyes ... all my senses are alive and soaking up the new surroundings. After a time it just isn't that way any longer and you don't see things ... you miss things or just take them for granted.

Have fun singing with the colors!

Susan Abston Wiley said...

Hi, Sweetie, So, this is where you decided to land, great choice! Your first-day painting effort is gorgeous, can't wait to see the progressively better ones! Be safe, have fun, love you! Sue

Anonymous said...

I finally finished the Sedona painting I started at your studio.
We'll have to get together when you get back to see each others paintings! Enjoy your trip!

Sharon said...

Beautiful! Want to see what you did today!!