Sunday, October 17, 2010

Tomorrow IS another day...

I'm into the found hearts notes, you know.
I take 'em where I can!

So I'm finally off Friday, October 15...left by 6:30 am and got through south Austin to 290 W to I-10 no problem...what a relief!

The Davis Mountains and the Guadalupe mountain range were beautiful...will have to go back to see Big Bend...stunning country in a part of Texas (southwest) that I've never been to.

I had to go through a US customs stop along I-10, interestingly NM, I think it was. He asked me if I was a US citizen...hmm. Now that's a hard one. Tall, blond, blue-eyed, Texas twang and hat to boot! Go figure. Maybe I could be a German spy or a Sweedish illegal...on the US-Mexican border. LOL!

I didn't stop for photos other than the pit stops along the way...have to make up for lost time. Stopped in Fredericksburg for my favorite homemade jerkey and some coffee...ended my day by 5:30 pm in Lordsburg, New Mexico...just this side of the Arizona border. After driving 11 hours I crashed at a hotel along side the road...just too tired to keep going.

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