Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pit Stops

The Pit Stop: "The Thing" to do on day two, was slow down a bit, and enjoy the spectacular drive over into Arizona. Stopped at a few interesting lookouts to refuel with gas and coffee.

"Keeping America Beautiful" pit stop

Another strange pit stop...unable to face another DQ or MacD's, I stocked up on diet soda and trail mix...fortunately I had apples with me and plenty of water!

I just drove through Tuscon, and I think Phoenix, too...scary intense traffic there. Then on to winding, twisty intensely fast downhill and hard uphill mountainous highways with everyone doing 90 MPH! Yikes! I'm jammin to the Steve Miller Band's greatest hits...and pretending I'm in the INDY 500...OK, it was a blast...but no drive by photos allowed on these roads!

Now exhausted, thinking I'm NEVER getting to Sedona, I pull off at a rest stop that looks promising. It's a really hot canyon...don't recall the name...just want to use the facilities, shoot some digital, drink some H2O and hit the highway again.

Well, Arizona may have scorpions and rattlers,
but Texas has my ex's...and its share of the same.

Arizona is a rugged dessert beauty...all it's own.

Love the dancing light on the green, contrasting the reddish earth background.

Some of the dessert plants...high contrast light. It feels as hot as this looks!

Giant sun dial...

Giant sun dial, detail.

It's so hot here, I think I see the land steaming...and it's not even 100! I can only imagine how hot it gets here in the summer!

Loved this little guy...there are giant cactus trees all over the mountains...I hope I can stop and photograph one on the way back.

Loved the snow birds in the white clouds. ;-)

A rare uprooted cactus flower from Texas...needing extra water and a soft pillow!

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