Monday, October 18, 2010

Spirit Center

Thought for the day:
"Thank God for what doesn't need healing."
--Joan Borysenko

Chilly and happy, I woke up Sunday morning and put the heat on, snuggled back under the covers with a cup of java, and mellowed out to Native American Indian tunes. After a quick bowl of Special-K, I meandered through town and out onto another road with even more grand time for photos, though, I'm off to church. Gotta get my Spirit-Center on in this's got such a spiritual energy!

After the service, a couple of nice folks invited me to brunch...Cathy and Carol Lee. I had Omelet No. 92, out of 101...on Coffee Pot Drive. Well, naturally, after brunch I had to go see where Coffee Pot Drive leads to...and it intersects guessed it... Maxwell House Drive! Tee hee! There was also Short Elf tall elves found here. (As I've had my share of short elves, I left immediately!)

I didn't get out of the omelet place without a few momentos and a visit to a nearby dress shop. Mental note to self...MUST go back to the funky dress shop before I leave. Plus, I met shop owner, Kimmie, a beautiful local redhead, who takes after the red spirited rocks here. She agreed to let me paint her on her days off this week. Awesome! I was worried about the rain forecast this week...and God's already got me covered!

So it's back to my room to change into paint clothes...I decided to work with pastels first to see if I had the right palette and to get a feel for the landscape. For my composition I chose the ambitious spot of my first Sedona sighting.

It was going very well until I tried a new fixative that I'll NEVER use again! It's that new stuff that is non-aerosol and supposed to be OK to breath, called Spectrafix. Well, perhaps due to the altitude changes, I'm at 4000 feet now, I think....but for whatever reason, the fixative left huge splats all over my painting so I'll have to rework most of it. It was an experiment anyway, so no big loss. From now on I'll only use my favorite fixative--Latour by Sennelier--but I'll check it out on a scrap paper before I use it up here!

I finished just in time for the rains...and got inside just as it started storming.

I spent the evening getting caught up on my emails and, of course, blogging...chilling out to jazz in my pj's, with my long stemmed pink-orange roses...and a few other sweet indulgences. ;-)

Thought for the evening:
"I have learned, in whatsoever state I am in, therewith to be content." --St. Paul
ie. only good is going matter what it looks like!

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