Monday, October 25, 2010

The Artist's Pad in Sedona

So, catching up on my blogging... Thursday, October 21, I avoid the rain and stay cozy in my jammies...sipping coffee, blogging and eating the last night's leftover gourmet pizza, which is classically better reheated...why is that? My room is strewn with a wet painting or two, heart shaped found rocks, electronics, travel notes and inspirational books.

Who makes the bed when traveling, anyway? Very comfy and restful.
I could stay in it all day...ahh.

Working on my blog in a pretty sweet studio apartment at the Sedona Summit Resort, thanks to Nick and Anna's time share. Thanks, guys! (Can I book it again next year?!)

From my second floor balcony I can peak through the trees to watch the clouds roll in and out, and the sun dancing across the tops of the red rocks. I enjoyed the cool breeze with the door open, but it's too cold for that today...I have the heat on, burr!

(See the heart shaped opening in the trees?)

After a day of blogging and relaxing, I bundle up to go paint in the field just outside my parking lot...a stone's throw from my room. The light accents the rocks, trees and grasses every now and then, against a really dramatic dark sky, warning of more showers to come.

Minutes later the scene theatrically shifts, of course, and Mother-Nature throws a couple of rainbows my way! See the two rainbows?

"Nature's First Kiss" by S'zanne Reynolds, 12x9" oil

So here's my attempt to keep up with the fickle lighting around here...I did this 12x9" oil in about 30-40 minutes so it's not exactly finished. I got rained on, stepped in mud, and interrupted by a cute guy....what's a girl to do, but stop and flirt a little? OK, more painting, less flirting may be in order...or not? Wish I'd had more time...for painting, I mean. Sigh.

Did I mention that I love Sedona?

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