Sunday, October 17, 2010

Drive by shootings

OK, this is what an artist does when she desperately wants to stop and take photos, but she's a day late getting to her destination: Set the car's cruise control to the maximum allowable speed plus 4 miles over, roll down the window, point and shoot...careful not to weave between lanes too much...sometimes with the good camera, sometimes with the iPhone.

There may be casualties in any carefully executed drive by shooting...especially the windshield bugs!

Finally unable to withstand the excitement of large massive rocks protruding into the cloud-dappled sky...the artist in me demands that I pull over and check out that new zoom lense I just got!

With my hazards on, I'm careful to open the car door after the last semi speeds by. I sneak up on a few gorgeous shots...see what you think. I think they were worth the risk!

I was tempted to stay and open up the paint box, traffic and all...but, sigh, I'm on a schedule...and late, as usual!

So, I reverted to the ol' iPhone again...wish I had time to get that view in the rear view mirror...this doesn't do it justice!

PS. These photos were early Saturday morning...still this side of NM, I think. Almost in Arizona.

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