Friday, May 17, 2013

Part 2: Painting Progression of "Somewhere"

In the zone... painting this 3x5 foot oil on canvas I call "Somewhere."

I have a favorite brooding spot I go to in the middle of the night or at day's end...when I need a little TLC from Mother Nature. One day I was trying to recharge my not so happy thoughts with a little fresh air and a fast paced walk. I found myself looking out over this place listening to "I Don't Ever Give Up" by Patty Griffin. Pouring out the refrain, "Love isn't here, love isn't here, but it's somewhere", I looked up and saw a blue heart-shaped piece of atmosphere peeking out from behind a dramatic dusky cloudscape...not quite sunset, but going in that direction. I swallowed the big lump in my throat and gave the Universe a high five for the special moment. And, the idea for painting "Somewhere" was conceived.

Humble beginnings...a quick layer of the big shapes.
Several years later, I am finally getting around to this painting...starting with toning the canvas in cadmium red...probably one of all time favorite colors for it's passion and tonality.

From dark to light I begin to define the larger earthy planes.

Surrounded by my thumbnails, I primarily keep the far upper left one in mind but I occasionally refer to some of the techniques in the others...both as much as what to avoid, as what to do.

Working on laying in the sky shapes and reflected light in the water.

We still see a lot of the red background showing through the above image, and much less below. Overall the warmth of the red is still a strong presence. Perhaps the vanishing red is symbolic of the song that inspired isn't here...but it's somewhere!

I'm starting to add more lights and mid-tones now.
The sky is beginning to take shape and the grasses are starting to come to life,
but it still has a long way to go!

Stay tuned to see more progress in Part 3.

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