Thursday, May 16, 2013

I Can Hardly Wait...!!!

I'll soon be livin' lite and hitting the road in my Camplite trailer!

I just ordered a Livin' Lite all aluminum Camplite trailer (my dad would love this!)...and I can hardly wait for it to arrive sometime this summer-- praying for end of June to mid July!!

I'm bursting at the 7 year dream to travel around the country with paints, camera and canine is finally coming true! I'll keep you posted on the progress and whereabouts.

Meanwhile, if you campers have any trailer travel tips for a first timer...leave your comments here or post on my Facebook page!

The inside will look something like this...minus the TV.

I'll be living in this 13x7' space...just right for me and my Corgi!

I'll be towing my new homestead via the Zanne-Van!

My Honda mini-van will be towing the 2400 pound, 16'6" trailer...wherever I get a wild hair. Want me to come visit you? Send us an invite! We'll be there with bells on...and I'll do your portrait!


Michelle Wells Grant said...

OMG, this is so exciting! I've always wanting to get an airstream to do the same thing! This is SUCH a cute trailer though! Too fun!

Mike Etie said...

Oh, how cool is this! You are inspiring me! Have fun, lok forward to the posts...

Deb said...

Too Cool! Its beautiful!! I want the 2 minute tour :) Happy Glamping!!