Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A Fire that Never Goes Out

The Preserve at Walnut Springs, Johnson City, Texas

After the recent tragedies we've faced individually and collectively in Newton, Boston, West and now Moore, I find inspiration in a longtime favorite tune by Mindy Jostyn. 

The lyrics remind us that no matter what has happened in our lives, we are loved, we are wanted and we matter. It speaks of the the fire that never goes the love in the heart of this great nation, and the flame of all humanity around the globe.

May you find comfort, peace and love, and the courage to live from the heart, wherever you are. 

Words by Mindy Jostyn & Jacob Brackman
Music by Mindy Jostyn

In His eyes, you're a fire that never goes out
A light on the top of a hill
In His eyes you're a poet, a painter, a prophet
With a mission of love to fulfill
Outside there's a world so enchantingly strange
A maze of illusion and lies
But there's never a story that ever could change
The glory of you in His eyes

In His eyes you're a radiant vision of beauty
A gemstone cut one of a kind
You're fine as a diamond, deep as a ruby
Rare as a jade in His mind
No need to believe all you may have been told
No need to live in disguise
You're brighter than silver, purer than gold
A pearl beyond price in His eyes

You're an innocent child in the sight of His face
No cause for blame or fear or disgrace
He sees only goodness, His vision is true
And nothing can change the perfection of you in His eyes

In His eyes, you're a fire that never goes out
A light on the top of a hill
You're a rose in the forest, a prelude from Bach
A triumph of heavenly skill
Outside there's a world that keeps breaking your heart
And tearing your dreams down to size
But guiding you homeward, piercing the dark
Is the lovelight that shines in His eyes

Now and forever, that light never dies
You're dearly beloved in His eyes
Johnson City, Texas

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