Tuesday, May 14, 2013

NEW: Tip of the Month




Attention Artists, Galleries and Shop Owners...


Need subscribers? Get rid of that guestbook and get Guest'd...try downloading a guestbook app to your tablet and/or phone. You can carry it with you and ask clients to sign in at your studio, gallery or store front. It goes right into your contact lists, or wherever you tell it to. No paper to lose or handwriting to decipher...and, it looks very professional.

My favorite guestbook app, so far, is called "Guest'd"...for about $10 you can install it on both your tablet and phone. Guest'd is also a great marketing tool. Instead of using their backgrounds you can upload your own artwork, photos or products...then put it on the slideshow mode to rotate through your images!

There are plenty of other guestbook apps out there, and a couple of free ones. What's your fav?

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