Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Consistent Vision

"Successful businesses operate from a consistent vision, anchored in a business plan, executed by a well-led team operating from a rational, not emotional point of view.

Many entrepreneurs start businesses from passion, which functions very well as a starting point. The trick is to maintain the passion but operate your business from a sound base of logic.

Your business is a mere hobby unless you establish and follow a business model that (eventually) turns a profit. This may sound hard, but it’s really not, especially when this is the foundation from the very beginning.

When you solve problems from a logical point of view, not an emotional one, you make choices that serve the business and not your ego. Keep asking yourself if feelings are getting in the way. If they are, reestablish your determination to operate from logic.

New habits are created over time. Give yourself a break and focus on applying more and more logic to every aspect of your business. As this becomes your norm, business becomes easier."

Good advice from Ladies Who Launch. I like to ponder the ways in which to apply this "consistent vision" to my art business...with something that looks like intention fueled by passion, followed by unstoppable creativity, that hits the easel with with regularity and persistence....and eventually translates into a painted canvas.

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