Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Saying Thank You, Artfully

Art is a service that can bring joy, comfort and even healing to others. When we focus on it as such, we think of ways to distribute our artwork more widely. I painted the above small acrylics as thank you cards for the attendees of my art reception last weekend...and one for the restaurant owner where my work hung. The cards brought a smile to my clients and showed appreciation of their time and attention. They were also great warm ups for me to get my creativity flowing in new directions. Plus, hopefully these cards will inspire more new collectors, as well as past clients, to want to attend my next shows and add to their small works collection.

SOMETHING NEW: I've decided to offer these kind of original art cards for new subscribers to my Studio Zanne newsletter...and I'll have drawings from time to time for current subscribers. So thank you in advance, for being a reader of my newsletter!


Michelle Wells Grant said...

I think the portrait of the woman is my favorite thing ever of yours!!! The colors!

Anonymous said...

I love my artistic thank you card! Your female portraits are so powerful! I need to create some artwork and send it to you to thank you for organizing the art night at Russell's Bistro ... I had a blast! Love your Ladies@!