Saturday, August 6, 2011

Kissing the Mailman

A new box of pastels...YUM!!! ...and colors I've been needing!

Much to my delight, a box of Terry Ludwig's "Mystery Box" of remnant pastels arrived today via the US mail. It's a good thing the postman didn't deliver it personally or he would have gotten a big kiss! There's nothing better than receiving an order of art supplies in the mail...and pastels are particularly sexy and delicious. If you've never tried them, or if you are an avid fan, you'll enjoy checking out Terry's Mystery Box sale that runs through the end of August. You never know what colors you'll receive, but then that may be just the jump start you need to finish that painting sitting on your easel!

The mailman also delivered a couple of Ray Mar linen boards that I'd ordered to sample with my oils...and next week my canvas roll and tiny boards should arrive from Jerry's's Christmas in August! Of course, this means I have to get busy and cover some canvas!

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful new colors...wishes you lots of success!
Love and greetings from klaas&inge.