Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Perfect Moments

"Coppertoned", 8x6" pastel by S'zanne

Sometimes we are simply paralyzed by our own doubts, worries and fears. I had had it with worrying about having the perfect moment this summer to create the perfect piece or project. For many of us, this kind of perfectionism can be just an excuse not to be productive in the moments we have available to us between our busy schedules.

After starting my day at 7 a.m. running to miscellaneous appointments and errands, I had 30 minutes left to paint before I ran off to work, which then turned into about 15 minutes by the time I took one phone call and ignored the other, let the dogs out/in and packed my lunch.

While not a masterpiece, the quick sketch above is the beginnings of an important conquest. I simply took advantage of the time I had. Instead of taking 15 minutes to set up oils or acrylics, I grabbed the nearest pastels, regardless of color, the closest paper and the first photo I could locate in my box of references to paint from. And presto! A quick study for a future larger painting that I've been wanting to paint for years...but never quite had " the time to get to it"....sound familiar?

In line with this subject are some ideas by Ralph Marston that I found most inspiring:

"It is your ego that creates doubt. It is your ego that manufactures excuses. Your ego holds your imagination back, and prevents you from achieving the fulfillment you truly desire.

Stop weighing yourself down with judgments about what you think you need. You have a whole beautiful, limitless imagination with which you can envision and fulfill what you truly desire."

— Ralph Marston

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