Friday, December 31, 2010

Focus on Your Dream

Snow Dreams, 12x12 pastel

“My father encouraged me to focus on my dream instead of the obstacles to achieving it.”

So often we focus on obstacles and lose site of our true mission and why we started something. We get caught up in the hardships of success and the more masculine business aspects; writing a business plan, strategic long-term planning, securing finances, etc. We see obstacles instead of solutions because in the moment our imaginations are not expansive enough and won’t allow us to go beyond a certain way of thinking.

That’s why it’s crucial to keep your eyes on the dream. The dream is where you started and fulfillment on it is where you’ll end up. Everything in between remains to be seen and obstacles along the way are just that—obstacles, not hindrances to dream achievement.

--from Ladies Who Launch at

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Maria Gatling said...

What a great reminder to all! Very well the point. Great post at such a perfect time of year!