Friday, December 17, 2010

"6th Street Cool" at Christmas in Austin

6th Street Cool

Had fun exploring east 6th street last night in downtown Austin. Found this great food court of trailers with live music and fire pits...enjoyed tasting the fried egg sandwich, fried pickles...and fried Oreos!

Bus and Trailer Food Court Delights

At the Window

What to order?

Pig Vicious Bacon Heaven

Pig Vicious Customers

Thursday night live music, food and fire pits

Copping a feel and a smooch!

The Local Yolk

Deviled Eggs and S'mores!

Night Lights

Fire Flies

Cheese Steaks, Burgers 'n Dogs

Number 19 and a lil' Christmas Tree

Santa's Stockings

Mr. Octopus Goes for a Ride

Looming Pinata

Lining Her Up

Pinata Fun

Ugly Banjos

6th Street Cute

Tip Your Dillo

Tail Lights

1 comment: said...

Looks fun Zanne, the mention of all that food makes me feel hungry!!