Monday, November 15, 2010

Your Wildest Dreams

"If you abandon all restraint, carry your wishes to their furthest limits, open your heart boundlessly, there is not a single moment when you will not find all you could possibly desire.

The present moment holds infinite riches beyond your wildest dreams."

Jean-Pierre de Caussade

Quick oil sketch/study of a dog who won't sit still for very long! (9x12" oil)
I'll try and finish this up or start another soon. I see a bunch of things I need to fix on this one.

Discouragement. It will stop you in your tracks, if you let it. Imposing and intimidating, the voices of discouragement jeer at us, often disguised as our own thoughts, "You can't do that! You're ideas are stupid! Who do you think you are? You call yourself an artist?!"...embarrassing us in front of our biggest hopes and dreams.

We forget that our dreams come from one foot being put in front of the other, from building on moments before they become days, weeks, months and years.

So after a hearty dose of feeling really low last week, I'm thumbing my nose at this discouraging bully today!

Despite last week's failed bank loan on the RV, I am encouraged that I have a meeting with a bank loan officer this week to see if I can get prequalified for a smaller, newer model;
discouragement from feeling like I'm starting another week getting no where fast, I'm encouraged to spend 1 hour daily redesigning my website; feeling like I completely forgot how to paint/draw, I pledge to get myself in the studio daily for quick master studies; not happy about being late on a couple of paintings, I'm dedicated to making at least 2 of them complete this week and following up on a possible portrait commission; discouragement that I got off course all week due to pet emergencies, I'm exceedingly grateful that Zoe is alive and well and will spend some time painting her portrait this week. (See the study for her portrait above.)

OK, so that's my week's plan. But what can I do in this moment that makes me walk in the direction of my dreams? Maybe it's to vacuum the house to clear the cob-webs of the mind; maybe it's to blog to set my thoughts straight; maybe it's to walk the dogs and listen to a new audio encouraging me to live my dreams; maybe it's to see how fast I can paint a 16x20 while jamming to Zeppelin with too much java. Maybe the point is to enjoy each moment of the day as if it IS your wildest dream. Not just thinking Sedona when in Austin, but living Sedona in Austin.

A side note, I must express my gratitude to the friends that hung out or made vet runs with me during the difficult week of nursing Zoe back to life, and for the many prayers said on her behalf by friends and family. And most of all to Zoe, who is such a great example of unstoppable love. Thank you, one and all.

Have you noticed that gratitude kicks discouragement's butt?

So let's kick butt this week, my friends. Your wildest dreams are waiting in each moment of today!

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