Monday, May 17, 2010

On being who you are, authentically

Goehmann's Creek, 9x12" oil on linen
© 2010 by S'zanne Reynolds

from Coming Home to Myself
by Marion Woodman

"It is easier to try
to be better
than you are
than to be
who you are."

Or so it has been suggested.
But I find it virtually impossible to go on NOT being who I am,
without authenticity, without a real voice or place or purpose--
at least not without the heart's fierce protest!

To paint each painting, being true to who you are today, is enough. For you or I won't be the same painter tomorrow. And, we'll paint a different piece the day after that...changing who we are yet again. Not through improvement or learning or skill, but through the building of one brush stroke upon another of authenticity...listening to the voice within.

Love what you know! --it got you where you are today!

1 comment:

Samantha said...

Great sentiments, and beautiful painting! I have to hurry up and buy the beach one I want so I can start saving up for the new ones like this!

I really enjoy your material- written and painted. :)