Thursday, May 13, 2010

How to sign a painting & other love notes from God

Following a frustrating day of trying to paint like another painter...I left the workshop swearing I'd never trade still life subjects for the great outdoors while I can still walk and it's less than 85 degrees outside! This measure of passion about my subject matter was somewhat of a revelation to me. Mental note to self...must pursue being a plein air painter. No wonder I never paint much in the studio! I found myself rushing outside at about 4 p.m. after every class last week to paint until the sun set around 8:15 p.m..

After negotiating waterfront space with a water moccasin (very poisonous snake), I watchfully painted a river scene...only to wipe off my signature and leave in disgust with my day's efforts. Well, at least I could sign it easier when dry, I thought. If it was even worth signing.

Suddenly I looked up and saw a remarkable sunset. Up went the paints and out came the camera. I didn't really see what I was photographing until I got in my van and drove further down the road. Low and behold, there was a giant "Z" in the sky.

But even more amazing, when I got home and downloaded the images to my computer, I saw that I'd captured the "Z" much earlier in the sun's setting...complete with its refection in the water...making an "S". These, of course, are how I sign my paintings..."SZ". I had to smile to myself, big time. It was as if God was reminding me that she's the only real painter-creator...and as her refection I can't help but reflect her beauty and creativity right back to her. And, that in a way, every effort of expression is worthy of a's what you know today of your divinity. What you know and express today will always be just that; but you have to love what you know how to express today to keep your talents growing tomorrow. So sign that painting!

What's that Bible passage about how God will write our names in the palm of his hand? Well, I got mine written in the sky that night. What a great love note of encouragement to keep on painting--outside of course!


Camille LaRue Olsen said...

Pretty darn cool! Makes me wish I had your initials!

Studio Zanne said...

Maybe we all do have the same initials!? I just saw it how I needed to that day... ;-)