Wednesday, June 11, 2014

On the Way There, Part 1

Breathtaking above the Gibbon Falls, Yellowstone Park, WY

On the way to Yellowstone's Canyon area, I find myself getting side tracked quite easily with other gorgeous vistas that I'm wanting to stop and photograph.

Gibbon Falls, Yellowstone Park, WY

Massive and majestic-- above the Gibbon Falls, Yellowstone Park, WY

Buffalo path  I took from the roadside to some innocent looking water.

Much of Yellowstone consists of marshlands covered in streams and water like this one. You'd never suspect that it's over 100's of degrees just by looking at it. All of the grassy areas to the right and left of that path are extremely wet and muddy. Some places you even sink in up to your ankles. When I drove back by later that evening, I saw steam rising from the water, so I was glad I didn't go in!

I passed by here later to see steam rising and bubbles out of these hot springs. 

Behind this stream in the distance, I saw buffalo rolling around in the marshlands splashing water all around like a great sprinkler. It was beautifully backlit...but I'd have needed a different lens. And sometimes you just have to enjoy the moment rather than photograph it!

Buffalo print. 

I found some buffalo hair on the way back to the truck; it's quite soft. I added it to my journal.

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