Friday, June 6, 2014

In Another Light

After seeing Old Faithful, I went to a couple of gift shops to purchase ghost stories to share around the campfire...but not before a staff member of a photography store there told me of one of the area's ghost stories.
What a treat! 

I decided to return to Old Faithful for another look around and
was enchanted by the changing sunlight on the surroundings.

Looking into the sun, with Old Faithful to my back.

As I heard the crowd exclaim, "Ahhhhhh!" in unison,
 I turned around in time to see Old Faithful erupt again.

It was an even better show than the first!

Now all that remains is her puffs of smoke.

Shadows of a self portrait with Old Faithful.

I asked this couple if they'd like their picture taken with their camera because
it seemed such a nice moment. They said no, they were waiting for Old Faithful. 

This couple did enjoy taking each other's photos...with or without the dramatics of Old Faithful. They let me take their pictures on their camera and mine. They both seemed to be in touch with their own dramatic flare for color...and life. From India, they spoke mostly in smiles. 

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