Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Art Shows ...Yellow Frosting

I love that I found yellow frosting on my beach painting from a sticky fingered kid who was pointing to my artwork and exclaiming in hushed tones, "That one is my favorite, mom!"

Beach Waves Study, 8x16" acrylic by S'zanne Reynolds

For the month of May, I'm serving up an art show --complete with icing-- at Russell's Bakery (3339 Hancock Drive) in Austin. So if you're in the neighborhood and your tummy's rumbling, stop in to savor some newly frosted paintings and enjoy some fine Anderson java and Russell's own pastries... or, one of the fantastic soup/salad/sandwich combos.

"I'll have a cupcake and some iced java, please...
and a side dish of Zanne's paintings!"

Oh yeah, frosting..is extra!

Paintings by S'zanne Reynolds of Studio Zanne at Russell's Bakery, Austin, TX

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