Sunday, November 20, 2011

Carousel of Happiness

Merry-go-rounds take you up and down, round and round, planting dreams in the heart that carry your childlike enthusiasm for life into a vision of reality, if you let it...if you remember the thrill of simply imagining another world and what you'd be!

What a unique and simple pleasure the carousel is for the young at heart.

From child to senior, all ages seem to enjoy the feeling of soaring through the universe with childlike abandon.

On this carousel of happiness you can make new friends for life or encounter fun temporary playmates...either way, it teaches us about the importance of our play time and our imagination.

Some take their playtime very seriously...

...others are just there to enjoy the ride.

Some get off the merry-go-round and the feeling of giddiness is short lived. Others step off and are forever young.

Still others enjoy revealing in their dreams and seeing what they might become, long after the ride has stopped.

Life is a lot like a carousel of happiness. Our earth spins, and the scenes change...but it's up to us where we get off and on, and what scenes inspire us to revisit them or change them....and it's up to our hearts and imaginations as to how much fun we have while we're here!

You can visit the Carousel of Happiness in Nederland, CO.

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BarbaraAnn Maxwell Houston said...

I love this...where's the nearest carousel? I want to go for a ride!