Monday, September 12, 2011

Through Fire or Flood...

"Frankie's Fall Foliage", 12x12" pastel by S'zanne Reynolds

I'm happy to report that the above pastel arrived safely through the fires on Friday to its new owner in Ft. Worth, TX, today. The client bought it for his wife's birthday. Fun!

I'd been procrastinating on completing the sale as I was a bit concerned and confused about how to ship a pastel. I'd mailed a pastel only once before and it was rather disastrous. I knew I could try more expensive delivery options that specialized in fine art, but I had not built this into my price. And by Friday, I had to contend with wild fires spreading between Austin and Ft. Worth.

No worries anymore! Kudos to EcoBox who came to my rescue!! (Great guys, very helpful...we love them!) I packaged and shipped the piece in a large frame, for about $50, including packing supplies, frame corners, insurance and $15 delivery...quite a deal! Ecobox has all the packing materials, recycled and new boxes, UPS and FedEx accounts. UPS got it there unsinged, early Monday.

Several of my friends, and many, many others, were not so lucky and lost everything in the fires. A portion of this sale will go to the wild fire victims here in Texas.

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Wendy Reynolds said...

This is beautiful - and the whole story of its getting there is too. So glad.