Monday, May 23, 2011

An Artist's Prayer

by S'zanne Reynolds, inspired by the 23rd Psalm

Soul is my Master Artist,

I shall not fail.

You make me to lay down my fears and trust in prosperity,

You lead me to a still and satisfying reflection,
you restore my portrait to its Original soulful likeness.

You show me the art of living in your very Nature.

Even though I sometimes lose my way in darkness,

I find your Way again in the light;

I will fear no shame, broken heartedness, separation, aloneness, failure, despair, grief or sorrow for you are my heart’s constant companion;

your love and your truth complete me better than any comfort-food, shopping extravaganza or exotic vacation.

You prepare an artist’s taboret for me complete with all the art supplies I need, organizing my studio, making provisions for me in the face of my worst critics and those who would not want me to succeed.

Declaring my fulfillment sacred, you sooth and heal my apprehension and restore my receptivity and my reins. You dedicate my talent and abilities to your purpose, hallowing them with charity, gentleness, prayer and heavenly inspiration. My creativity overflows, abundant and blessing.

I dance—goodness, love, forgiveness, tenderness, compassion and heavenly reward pursue me relentlessly, courting me like hot lovers, all the ages of my life, throughout each journey and story, in every part of my routine and in the entire extent of my career—with sparkle and exhilaration!

And, with these angel guides as my muse, I will make my permanent artist-in-residency at the home and business of my Master Artist, keeping company with your Self-Expression and communing among your Color Harmonies forever. My way of life and my Art Being will flow, spring up and result in activity and effectiveness…endlessly, everlastingly, in all ways…for good and all.

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Anonymous said...

I love this prayer S'zanne, and I thank you for reminding us of our truth about being artists in every way. ~Michelle