Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Creativity: The Tablet of Your Being

"Mind Passages", digital image by S'zanne Reynolds

Webster defines the verb reflect as "to consider mentally, specifically, to attend earnestly to what passes within the mind." And, reflection is defined as "any state in which the mind considers its own content."

If every day you reflect on the face in the mirror, telling it that you are not so beautiful or talented, not so strong or energetic, not so youthful or vigorous...then you will soon hear the world tell you that you're not so good at anything, anymore. Disguised as your own thoughts you may then suddenly find yourself thinking, "I have nothing to offer, I have nothing to create."

"Cool Contemplations", digital image by S'zanne Reynolds

In this state of mind, it's impossible to be creative. It's pure self-destruction that effaces the very tablet of your being. In order to be creative, you must contemplate the qualities you desire to feel, see and be--the creative, energetic and beautiful-- in order to express them. In other words, you must claim being the very expression of this beautiful, creative divine Mind of the universe in order to see yourself reflected in it, as the expression of it.

So, it's time to silence the disgruntled voices in your head and find your divine creative reflection in the mirror! Face to face with your creative Spirit-Source, you will recall why it is that you are part of the creative process, the One all-together Lovely.

"Hot Mamma Nature", digital image by S'zanne Reynolds

Go outside and see how many beautiful and varied reflections you can find in nature. Then reflect them back to yourself on canvas or camera...on the very tablet of your creative being!

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Michelle Wells Grant said...

Amazing! Tonight you and I are both writing about reflection, in a mirror and otherwise. Mine is part of my first blog post for my new blog called A Ripening Life, which I'm launching in the next day or two!