Thursday, February 17, 2011

Enjoying the Journey

5.5x4" acrylic thumbnail: "Red Roof and Crimson Flora"

I did this sweet little thumbnail prior to a demo I did last night. Although there are some adjustments to make, I quite enjoyed this little jewel over the finished painting. It's funny how that happens...sometimes the quick explorations of color and free bold strokes leave you with a much fresher view. Not to mention that I prefer this watercolor paper to the yucky board I painted on afterwards! So supplies do make a difference to how you respond to the paint as well.

Assignment: Do a small pencil value-map of study of a scene on scratch paper. Then divide small sheets of paper in half. In about 5x7" or 5x5" formats, paint the same scene 4-6 times in different colors. Try various color combinations from the color wheel: compliments, split compliments, analogues colors, and triadic combos. Be aware of the values and make sure your colors reflect the values you assigned in the value study. Try some high key and low key colors as well. Have fun!

Remember to enjoy the journey of's not always about the destination or final product!

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