Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Date With Art

I had a date with Art tonight. I went to hear live music at Opa on South Lamar. Faces appeared as mythic creatures, nymphs and jokers...dogs were lions, men were magicians and women were belly dancers. Spiders spun webs of wonder and enchantment under a mighty twin-trunked oak that lassoed the stars and swayed to the rising music dancing over our heads.

I found at least one model to add to my series. It's a good night in Austin.


Michelle Wells Grant said...

What a magical picture you've painted with words! A great artist AND a great writer! Miss you!

Debrah said...

Agreed ... you painted a vivid picture with your words... can't wait to see the painting based on this evening's adventures! I'm heading over to Opa's!!!!