Monday, August 30, 2010

Studio Zanne Art Reception

Number one patron, mom, visits from Indi for Zanne's first solo show in 6 years! August 24, 2010 at Vino 100 in Round Rock, TX.

Everyone loved the lighting on the sax player, "Inner Light" a 30x24" oil shown left, which replicated the lighting in the painting.

Some of Zanne's fan club...Jackie, Arye, Jeremy

The artist, Zanne, and local singer, Laurie Moliter.

"Brenda's Blooms" 20x20" oil shown between the spirits.

Mom and Dana

Sandra with the artist

"Babuska" 24x18" oil featured outside of the restrooms

The artist and her mom

Family, friends, fine art and fine spirits!

Artwork over the bar: "Variation No. 1" 10x10" pastel, left; "Rocky Mt. Pass" 8x10" oil, right.

Later that week, singer "Warr" kept the regulars company as we all sang along and admired the artwork...

The game just isn't as interesting as Zanne's artwork! ;-)

Some of the regulars...and new friends, Mardi, Samantha, Cheri

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