Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Stop Art Scams

LINK to Stop Art Scams

Have you ever received a too good to be true email from someone who saw your art online and just can't wait to buy $1500 worth of art? It usually sounds like this:

He wants to buy your art for their apartment AND he's in a hurry so please send all your info so he can get you a payment! Riiiiiiiiiiight. (Why do these guys always want art for their apartment? Is it because they'd rather live in an apartment with art than an empty house?)

Or, their wife is about to give birth and he can't wait to buy original artwork now that the twins are on the way, right? Riiiiiiiiiight! (Like they can afford artwork after registering at Walmart?)

And, just in case you aren't can now research these Art Scammers by going to a blog called "Stop Art Scams". Be sure to give a small donation if you think it's helpful. It stopped me from becoming suckered in. I actually found my would-be art collector on the most recent post!

So do your research and be sure and contribute with your stories as well. Let's protect our hard work--no one else will!

PS. Most folks buy artwork from people they know or their friends. So widen your network and make lots of good friends. Friends are the real riches in life!

LINK to Stop Art Scams

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