Thursday, August 6, 2009

Making your own path

The book, "Art and Fear" by Bayles and Orland, was introduced to our pastel workshop by our teacher. The back summarizes what this trip is about for me:

"This book ("Art and Fear")... is about committing your future to your own hands, placing Free Will above predestination, choice above chance. It is about finding your own work."

...and it's about finding your own way, making your own path...not just waiting for the apple to fall.


Susan Abston Wiley said...

Hi, Zanne, just checking in with you, and loving your blog! Great photos, and words of wisdom to live by. Thank you for the inspiration!

Susan Carlin said...

I'm re-reading Art And Fear right now, too. I always find something in it that helps clear the cobwebs and sets me moving again. Your photos are wonderful, by the way. All of them paintings waiting to be made....