Thursday, August 6, 2009

Making Art

"To make art is to sing with the human voice. To do this you must first learn that the only voice you need is the voice you already have." --from "Art & Fear" by Bayles and Orland

So, you and I already have everything we need. We are complete. We don't need more art supplies to make that next painting, or to do the laundry first so we can concentrate on that painting! Nor do we need more time to progress or more time to devote to our talents. Nor do we need more talent or more skill before we can paint.

We can paint, sing, dance, laugh, play, create...NOW. We have all we need, right now. We are complete and include all the ideas we need to create, right now.

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Love these photos Zanne, did not know you went away on a workshop? Looks like a lot of fun.