Monday, July 8, 2013

Let the Adventures Begin!

After several years of dreaming and researching many travel options...and a couple of intense sleepless weeks pestering friends and family for their two cents...I finally traded in my beloved Zanne Van for my new art mobile...the Ford F150 FX2! With it's terrific towing capacity...and my new Truck Can-Do Attitude...the doors opened wide with many more artful possibilities.

Yes ma'am, this is Zanne's new art mobile!

Notwithstanding the missed manufacture deadlines, cancelled orders, harried dealership experiences and out right zaniness...I have at last come home TODAY with a new bundle of joy from Ft. Worth, Texas...a cute 24 footer, weighing in at just under 3500 pounds dry. Studio Zanne will at long last be adventuring out in those big skies and open her little Koala trailer.

My new 2013 Koala 21CS...a dream come true!
Somewhere on the edge of pure terror and the exhilaration of finally realizing a dream come true...I am discovering that there will be much I don't know how to do, or think I cannot do...until I just do it anyway, despite my fears and doubts!

I'm reminded that we really only skim the surface of God's great goodness and abundance. I am so humbly grateful when I start to comprehend just a bit of the depth of the divine Love expressed in so many ways in my life...especially in the wonderful, awesome support of friends and family....and a little bit more each day in my own life's divine expression.

The schedule:

• This month I'll be taking a few practice runs and learning the trailer camping ropes in San Antonio and Houston.

• August 3rd, 6-8 p.m.  I'll have a trailer art party at Austin ArtSpace to kick off my painting tour exploring 21st century America...beginning with the East Coast from August to mid October. You'll be able to follow me here on the blog and on Facebook.

• Then in October or so, I'll return home for a big art show.


Big thanks to my God-parents... big hugs to my God-daddy for helping me learn how to drive her and hook up the trailer hitch; mucho kisses to my God-mother for helping me find her...and make a bloody decision!!! And for both of your countless other trailer tips, advice, love and support
--without which, I'd still be house-bound!


Tre said...

We are kindred spirits fo sho... am sculpting sumthin similarly...a real dream to journey this way...for a while now. thrilled beyond for you...and even more to witness the process....deep bow and so much love, Tre ;)

mike etie said...

You are an inspiration! Don't ever let go of that dream.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Zanne, you are off and running! I will be following your journey with loving support of your adventure.