Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Wishes

Blown Glass by Chihuly at the Dallas Arboretum

Merry Christmas wishes of blessings, peace on earth and tidings of joy to you and yours...

It's been a tough year for many around the globe...many have lost their jobs, homes, health, savings...and even their loved ones. Many have also lost their sense of security, purpose and a place in the world.  I dedicate these Christmas wishes to all those lost and grieving souls, looking to mend, to find love, and find life's meaning again.

Yet my heart is lightened as I drive around the neighborhood and see beacons of hope and gratitude for blessings, shining as glittering lights of the Season from house to house, and heart to heart. Somehow, in spite of all that's happened in the world, and maybe especially because of all the recent tragedies, our lights just grow brighter as we come together in celebration of the real light of the Christ within all of our hearts, now and always.

I sold my Christmas lights and tree this year myself, but I managed to decorate the mantel, the door and a window. However, what lets me shine the most, is not the decorations, but the giving of love.

Let's all take a moment to rekindle that sometimes dimmed light within...the Light that says, "You are loved, you have purpose, you matter in this world!"

Let your light so shine that Christmas may be felt in the hearts of each of us, a lamp unto our feet, a balm to the sick, a comfort to the grieving, famished affections everywhere.

Merry Christmas,

PS. Studio Zanne is giving a humble donation to Heifer International from the proceeds of my Christmas Open House, on behalf of of my clients and fans. Thank you for your support this year and always!

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