Thursday, March 29, 2012

Out With Outtakes!

I've taken "outtake" out of my vocabulary!

What is an outtake anyway? some kind of outcast image...the unwanted photos, the left behind sketches, the unapproved layouts, the extras, the unused but somehow not forgotten...and always desired as "free-bees".

You wouldn't sell unfinished paintings or give away your painting sketches without charging something for them! So why is it photographers always get asked for their outtakes? Are there really any unwanted photos? If they want 'em, charge for them!

If you wouldn't show them to the public, don't show them to your client.

Charge by the image, not by the hour.
The trick in any creative endeavor, is to value your time, which is ultimately money. But valuing your end product may be even more tricky. How can you really value how much or little time or inspiration you put into something. Time may be irrelevant compared to the life time of work you've put into learning a skill.

So in learning to bid on a project...ask them what their budget is. Show them what you can do for them with that budget. Then show them how much more you can offer with a slightly higher and a very much larger budget.

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