Monday, October 31, 2011

Remembering a Great Lady

Last weekend I learned that artist Ann Templeton, passed away October 17th. She was a dear friend and mentor to many. Ann had a huge influence on my art and was my primary source of inspiration and encouragement when I first returned to art and was introduced to oils and pastels through her. While modest and endearing to her students and other artists alike, Ann was one of the foremost 100 landscape painters in America, in both oils and pastels. Known for her kindness and love of people, Ann was always fun to be around. Her spirit is best recalled in her vibrant love of color expressed her amazing paintings. To see her work, visit

The words of Vincent van Gogh come to mind:
"A work that is good may not last forever, but the thought expressed by it will, and the work itself will surely survive for a very long time, and those who come later can do no more than follow in the footsteps of such predecessors and copy their example."

We are honored to try and follow in Ann's footsteps and, we know her thoughts will remain with us in her paintings and stories, forever. She will be missed.

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Deb said...

Nice insight ... thanks for sharing!