Monday, July 25, 2011

Prayin' for Rain

"Thinking Rain", digital image by S'zanne

Howl at the moon,
dance naked under the stars,
jump in dust puddles,
tip your kayak,
kiss a stranger,
light a candle,
say a rosary,
flash your lights...heck, flash your neighbor!' pray for rain and cooler weather!

Anyone want to paint puddles with me? Render a rainy day painting and email me the image or send me the link and I'll post them by Aug. 15...or post them to my FB page.

Thinking rain thoughts...!

1 comment:

Michelle Wells Grant said...

Funny you should say that ... I was just about to paint some rain clouds. (I've had a big interest in painting clouds lately.) You would be so proud of me ... I've been painting! I should take a picture of my wall where some of my "practice" paintings are taped up!