Sunday, April 24, 2011

Painting, A Prayer Journey

Digital Image, by S'zanne Reynolds

"Work is love made visible." ~Kahlil Gibran

In his March 11 bi-weekly newsletter, Robert Genn talks about painting as a "spiritual event...a sort of a visual prayer--honoring the gifts that surround us and the life we've been given."

Robert elaborates on his vision of painting as a prayer below, dispelling the myth that art is somehow selfish, self-indulgent or without purpose. I love to think of this whether I'm painting, photographing, writing or being creative in the kitchen!

From Robert Genn:

"A spiritual awakening is often found and developed in a wilderness. It can be a poem or a parable of a deep forest, a mountain meadow or a cactus-studded desert. The outdoor spirit of plein air refreshes and further enables the indoor studio chapel. Each new creative beginning is a confirmation of the simple truth of taking care. And while it may all appear to be self-indulgent and isolating, every thought, every stroke, every caress of the brush adds a small refreshment of meaning and purpose to our universe."

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Susan Abston Wiley said...

Hi, 'Zanne, just checking in on you... I love the Gibran quote, a nice thought about everything we do as "work," from cleaning house to childcare to gardening to art, and so on. See you soon, love, Sue