Monday, July 12, 2010

Delovely Weekend July 11-12

"Delovely Delisa" by S'zanne Reynolds, 16x19" pastel

Exhausted after a long arduous week of teaching on Friday, I hit the hay. Saturday morning I ran errands for art classes next week; that afternoon I started and completed a portrait! (Delovely Delisa...who I met at HEB the week prior.) Later that evening I had a very nice dinner with a man-friend at Z'tajas. I came home and curled up in bed with the cat to watch a strange, dark humored movie where Meg Ryan duck tapes her husband to the toilet in efforts to win back his love before he leaves her for the secretary...and enjoyed getting rocky road ice cream all over my sheets. (Yuuuumy!) Sunday morning I turned down a sailing invite (OMG!) to finish a painting I started about 6 months ago, and delivered it with 3 other paintings to a San Antonio gallery. All in all, it was a GREAT's amazing what doing a few things for myself...especially PAINTING will do for the soul! I may have to do this again tomorrow!

"Summers on the Guadalupe" by S'zanne Reynolds, 6x12" pastel

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